Thursday, 8 September 2011

Artist sees Differently?

Come to the Nunhead Open 
9 September 6-8pm, The Old Nursery, Nunhead Green

for a mini-tour an Alternative Art Map of South London

Monday, 8 August 2011

Part 1 for an alternative art map (South London)

This mapping is the opening part of a larger project celebrating hidden, repressed or underrepresented art activities within London. 

For the launch of this project  Charlie Fox has collaborated with Daniel Lehan on a specially commissioned edition of A3, creating an exemplary mapping. Copies of this map can be picked up at the Nunhead Open (The Nursery, Nunhead Green during the 2011 Art Festival, 9-11 September between 12-5pm), or can be found at selected Art Galleries throughout London. This part of the project has been supported by Nunhead Open (Nunhead Voice), A3 and counterproductions. 

Come to the Launch of
An Alternative Art Map for South London
On Friday Sept 9 - special MAP TOUR on 
Open evening 6-8pm

Find and contribute memories or information to the model map laid out within the Nunhead Nursery boundary. Explore artist Charlie Fox’s mapping of memory, works, conversations and personal histories; a mapping that tells an alternative art history for South London.

With warm thanks to everyone who participated in this A3 launch publication of Alternative Map, including: Brewis Blake, Daniel Lehan, Jacquie Utley, Woody Woodward, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Kay Hunt, Andrew Cooper, Brixton Village Artist. A3 is produced monthly by Daniel Lehan and this edition is a collaboration between Daniel and Charlie Fox